House Rules for 228 Washington Ave

Welcome to 228 Washington Avenue in Brooklyn.

Repair Reuse Reduce Recycle Respect

We are not interested to rent to anyone, but the right people, who will appreciate and be comfortable with following rules and willing to live with less.

To make everybody’s visit and stay peaceful, please observe a few basic guidelines.

House Rules

Energy Conservation

  • Please be mindful with your use of all resources like electricity and water.
  • Turn off all lights, HVAC and unplug any electronic devices when you leave the apartment. Feel free to actively switch on and off hallway lights if not needed.
  • Toilets have 2 flush settings for  #1 and #2.
  • We ask that everyone keep the room temperature at less than 68 in winter and above 75 in summer.
  • The heating/cooling with the 24hrs ventilation temperature exchanger is balanced to the building. Opening windows will interfere with the equipment; therefore do not keep your windows open on hot and cold days.
  • This building follows Passive House design principal; so house is airtight with thick insulation (please see little wooden door next to main entrance). For your comfort insulation made of cellulose, so no VOC products like foam.


  • The entrance door locks automatically. Keep your keys with you at all times, please close doors quietly.
  • Have your door locked when not present
  • Please make yourself familiar with the location of fire extinguishers and exits
  • If you witness any questionable observations: such as strong odors, noise or suspicious behaviors as tailgating by the entrance, please report to the house caretaker.
  • Please let us know of any damaged, destroyed or lost property of 228 Washington Avenue.


  • Please respect all other people living in the building – quiet hours are between 10pm and 8am.
  • Please keep your apartment clean and orderly. Maintain a clean kitchen, including any dishes, cooking utensils and all appliances.
  • Due to the airtightness of the building noise travels easier, so please be quiet up & down the stairs; and easy on closing all the doors.
  • No Smoking in all areas of the property; when smoking outside, do so away from the building  and discard cigarette butts into trashcans.

Recycling & Waste

  • Do not leave any waste or recycling in your room for more than 3-4 days.
  • Do not discard any materials in the sinks, nor toilet, which could cause plumbing problems
  • Please familiarize yourself with NYC recycling program; outside on ground floor are designated containers for:

BLUE   Hard plastics + metal + glass

BROWN Paper products

GREEN Compost (any food waste, organic material, small paper)

Other waste; please separate any fabrics, any electronics and batteries for us to dispose separately.

Plastic bags – please collect for us as we use as trash can liner.

Please google and read up on the “5 Rs” before visiting our building; as along with – “Less is More” these are our guidelines here.

On your visit you will experience the building of consistent temperature, with little draft. The environment is healthier and cleaner: with more humid and lower temperature in the winter and less humid temperature in the summer.

Here a video of the building’s renovation, please watch before visiting –

Above rules might read like a dorm you lived in the past, but at the end of the day we are just looking for a more sustainable environment; and looking for similar minded people.

WiFi Internet: belkin888 pw: 8e4a288a   / 228arris pw: 228washed

Brooklyn Historic House Renovation using Passive House Technology