Welcome to 228 Washington Ave house !

We are proud to present you a traditional brownstone house converted into a passive house. If you don’t know what is a passive house you should have a look to this link, it’s a very interesting concept indeed! Our main goal is to share and spread the new technologies about passive houses and let the world better 😉

plan_3Everyone who is interested in Passive House Building is more than welcome to stay here for a few days or more and share his experiences with us…

Newly renovated corner building in Clinton Hill.
Renovation completed recently following Passive House standards, which makes the entire building very comfortable, quiet, and energy efficient. Historic Brownstone walk-up building.

Passive House residents open their homes:  13—15 November 2015, even we will not be on the tour this year – please enjoy other houses in your area.
Here our listing on International Passive House

Please also visit our listings at Airbnb on this link